Training MSc. students in Gondar University
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Phi has had a longstanding, informal engagement with the library and information activities of  the Leicester /Gondar Health Link supported by the Tropical Health and Education Trust. In 2008 Phi began strengthening its links and activities with other librarians and information professionals in both the UK and Ethiopia in conjunction with the Health Link.

highlights of past activities and achievements

2010 April/May: Visit to UK - Phi hosted two visitors from Ethiopia, Getachew Bayissa, Head, Department of Information Studies at Jimma University and Petros Miskir, Lecturer and Head, Central Medical Library Faculty of Medicine, Addis Ababa University, for a professional development programme.

2010: Training visit to Gondar - Arrangements were made by Phi to enable Tatjana Petrinic (Cairns Library, University of Oxford) and Getachew Bayissa (Jimma University) to join Keith Nockels from the Leicester - Gondar Hospital and University Link in running a workshop to provide HINARI and informatics training to Masters students at Gondar University. She says of her experience, "I realised how much librarian tutors could offer at the health care front line in resource poor countries.”Read more.

Professor Mike Silverman (Leicester-Gondar Link), was also very pleased with the results. "By all accounts (direct and indirect) the first module of the new MSc programme in Gondar which was led by Keith was a great success.  I have had nothing but praise from all quarters. ... Many thanks for your help and efficiency in the development of this module."

2009 August: Workshop at Jimma University -  A health information literacy workshop was hosted and led by Jimma University. The workshop brought together twenty two professionals including health librarians, health information professionals and health professionals, journalists, media presenters, non-governmental organisations, HIFA2015 (Healthcare Information for All by 2015) members and other representatives from all over Ethiopia for a ‘train the trainers’ workshop. Two external facilitators from Leicester University and Phi  also assisted. Read more.

2009: National health links meeting - Getachew Bayissa, a senior information professional contributed to a THET-coordinated national health links meeting in Ethiopia.

2009: Workshop: Public Access to Health Information (PAHI) -  The Ethiopian partners assisted and participated in this workshop. Read more.


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