General information and partnerships
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General information and partnerships

Phi works strategically and collaboratively with organisations in the UK and developing countries, mainly in Africa, to contribute to the underpinning of good quality health care with evidence based health information. We support health information related activities in a number of countries. There are two main approaches:

  • Phi, together with its partners and other collaborating organisations have developed a range of tailored projects depending on the priorities of the developing country. These range from: working with health promotors using drama to work with communities in rural areas of Sierra Leone to providing practical training in the management of electronic health resources for health professionals in Kenya.
  • Phi is also involved in more general initiatives aimed at building the capacity of information professionals and librarians to strengthen health information services in the digital age by facilitating requested training and exchange programmes.

Technology is an important focus but not the only one adding value to the partnership experience. Of crucial importance is the trust and shared professional vision between information professionals, which are powerful drivers for change. 

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