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PAHI Pilot Workshop in Kenya
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Recent Activities

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AHILA - Ethiopia - ITOCA (South Africa) - Kenya - Malaysia - Mozambique - Senegal - Sierra Leone - Tanzania - Uganda - Zambia


AHILA - Association of Health Information and Libraries in Africa

2012 October: AHILA Congress, 13th, Praia, Cape Verde. This successful Congress brought together representatives from over 25countries from sub-Saharan Africa. Helene Gorring (UK) and Philippe Colomb (Pompidou Centre, France) facilitated a workshop on Public Access to Health Information. For the resolutions see Phi blog.

2012 June: Visit by Nasra Gathoni to UK. This visit was jointly sponsored by INASP and Phi. It enabled Mrs. Gathoni to discuss AHILA's strategic plan and plans for the Congress in Cape Verde; and Mrs. Gathoni gave a paper at INASP's 20th Anniversary Seminar in Oxford.

2011 May: Visit of President of the Association for Health Information and Libraries to UK - Phi hosted a visit to the UK by Nasra Gathoni, President of the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA) to: Undertake a range of continuing professional development visits and meetings focused on building and taking forward AHILA’s strategy and continuing collaboration between Ken-AHILA and Ken-HIP

  • Co-facilitate a web conference at the HIFA2015 conference Addressing the information needs of healthcare providers in low-income countries, held at the British Medical Association; and co-present a paper with Shane Godbolt (Director of Phi).
On her return Nasra wrote to say, “I would like to sincerely thank you once again for your continuous support for AHILA and especially for facilitating my trip to UK. It was a very fruitful week with very valuable meetings and discussions.” Read more.
 For earlier activities see General Information and Partnerships - AHILA


Since 2008 Phi has been strengthening its links and activities with librarians and information professionals in both the UK and different parts of Ethiopia. We are supporting the development of a Library Skills module within a new MSc in Advanced Clinical & Laboratory Subjects at Gondar University, led by the Tropical Health and Education Trust supported Leicester /Gondar link. 

2012 - benefits of HINARI training in Ethiopia Making a difference: celebrating 10 years of Research4Life is a publication reporting a “series of case studies provid[ing] insights into how access to the results of peer-reviewed research from Research4Life publisher partners is benefiting the health, well-being, ...”

The very first case study from Ethiopia by Mulugeta Bayisa (a practising physiotherapist) owes part of its success to the crucial underpinning work by Phi in exploiting HINARI.  When Phi discovered that Leicester’s Professor Mike Silverman wanted two health information experts from the University to deliver the evidence-based practice module in their M.Sc. training programme for Ethiopian postgraduate students,  Phi alerted him to the existence of highly trained and experienced Ethiopian HINARI trainers. In the event that only one trainer from Leicester was available Phi coordinated the submission of a successful  bid to the BMA humanitarian fund. This funded another experienced UK trainer plus the Head of the Department of Information Studies at Jimma University to support the training led by Leicester’s trainer. 


ITOCA - Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa

2012 March: Gracian Chimwaza came as a Commonwealth Fellow to the UK,  hosted by Phi, for discussions and visits with a number of organizations including the Institute for Development Studies, and the University of Staffordshire to learn about KOHA, open source software for library management systems.

2012 April:  Visit by Blessing Chataira, Programme Officer and Head of Continuing Education and Professional Development at ITOCA. Amongst other visits and engagements, she attended the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP ) International Training week, Kellogg College, in Oxford and participated in the Systematic Reviews Network Conference at Cardiff University.




  • Ken-AHILA (the Kenyan Chapter of the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa). Members of Ken-AHILA represent university, research, hospital, government and non-government health libraries throughout Kenya.
  • Ken-HIP (Kenya Health Information Partnership). A consortium of libraries and librarians from across the South West, including NHS libraries, the library at the Government Office for the South West, and the Health and Social Care Library at the University of the West of England.

2012 May: Nancy Kamau was sponsored by Phi to attend a Digital Repositories Workshop held at the Muhumbili University for Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania.

For earlier activities see General Information and Partnerships - Kenya 



Partners: Partnerships in Health Information and the International Federation of Library Associations. Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression. 

2011: Workshop: Public Access to Health Information - The workshop followed the International Federation of Library Associations, Learning Materials for Public Access to Health Information workshops with the slides translated into Portuguese though the official language was English. Local facilitators and a volunteer from the group assisted with the translation of questions and discussion whenever necessary. Read more.

This workshop was funded by IFLA and Partnerships in Health Information with the support of the Universita Pedagogica of Mozambique and the WHO Office of Mozambique and facilitated by Paul Sturges and Shane Godbolt (Phi) in collaboration with Flatiel Vilanculos (WHO Mozambique) and Aissa Issak (Universita Pedagogica of Mozambique). 



2011: Workshop: Public Access to Health Information - Report of successful workshop now available.

Workshop planning and delivery was an international team effort with excellent local support led by Ibrahima Bob, former President of the Association for Health Information and Libraries (AHILA) working with Maïmouna Diallo, Director of the Library and Media Centre at  ENDA. The workshop was jointly facilitated by IFLA /FAIFE Committee member Philippe Colombe from the Pompidou Centre Library in Paris and Ibrahima Bob. Read Report



Partnership: The University of Sierra Leone, College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences Library and the University of Cardiff Library

2011 September: Safe motherhood project in Sierra Leone - In collaboration with the charity Life for African Mothers (formerly Hope for Grace Kodindo) this project will support a partnership between midwives in Sierra Leone and Wales to develop and evaluate a training programme and educational materials for midwives and traditional birth attendants which builds on, and contributes to, best practice in sub-saharan Africa.

This project builds on the success of a three year DelPHE-funded project Community health information for poverty alleviation in Sierra Leone which supported and evaluated the work of health promoters in Sierra Leone, a successful funding bid to Wales for Africa has enabled work to begin on a safe motherhood project in late 2011.

For earlier activities see General information and partnerships - Sierra Leione



Partnership: Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, theTanzania Library Services Board and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Information services.

Between 2008 and 2012 the partners, together with Phi, are delivering a DelPHE funded project aimed at strengthening health libraries services throughout Tanzania, including: the selection of resources for ‘health corners’ in libraries, health information curricula development, and continuing professional development for librarians through UK/Tanzania exchange visits.

October 2011: Project visit to UK. Two health sciences librarians and one librarian from the public library system will make a short visit to the UK: 2-8 October. the emphasis will be on providing health information to the public. 

March 2011: Project visit to Tanzania - Visit by UK partner and Phi Officers to Tanzania to assess current progress of the project and assist its future completion. During their visit they will hold discussions with the DelPHE Project Team, the “Health Corners” Team and the Tanzanian Chapter of the Association for Health Information and Libraries. In addition, to this they held two workshops, and visit the Tanzanian Library Services Board, School of Libraries, Archives and Documentation Studies, and British Council personnel who administrate the project. They will also explore the possibility of a schools’ health club project, and the long term sustainability of the different strands of the current partnership project and finally plan for a September visit to the UK by the project team.

  1. Health information literacy  was being introduced to the undergraduate curriculum in MUHAS. The program was due to go to the curriculum advisory board and be rolled out in September 2011. It is compulsory and will be assessed.  
  2. Health information training is being introduced to the librarians curriculum programme in the School of Libraries, Archives & Documentation Studies at Bagomoyo (the School  is part of the Tanzanian Library Services Board).   
  3. A “Health corner” had been set up in the University library as a pilot, but it will be augmented before a potential rollout to public libraries in the last year of the project.
For earlier activities see General and Partnership information - Tanzania


Partners: The Sir Albert Cook Medical Library, Makerere University and  the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Library and Information Service. Timeline history of partnership to 2011

2012 November - Visit by Dr. Maria Musoke to UK - Dr. Musoke was a Guest speaker at the celebration of Phi's 20th Anniversary on 15th November, held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She also participated at the 2012 NHS Higher Education Conference in London on the 14th November.

2012 November . Workshop on E-learning for Health Information Professionals.  A workshop on e-learning for health information professionals in Uganda/ Ug-AHILA members and Makerere University Library staff will take place on Wednesday 31st October and Thursday 1st November 2012 at Makerere University Library. Co-sponsors are MakLib and Partnerships in Health Information ( Phi ). Funded by the Elsevier Foundation.

In the UK eLearning is being seen as the solution to solving a number of problems related to getting people to attend statutory and mandatory training and continue professional development. In addition in Africa more and more eLearning courses are being delivered via prestigious institutions such as the Open University.
By the end of the two day workshop attendees will be able to :
  • Identify correctly the six stages to develop e-learning as per the Training Foundation TAP method. The six stages are analysis, design, storyboarding,, production, implementation and evaluation.
  • Produce storyboards for an interactive e-learning module using basic tools such as Power Point.

2012 Visit by Makerere University Librarian and Medical Library Librarian to UK.  Dr. Maria Musoke and Andrew Wabwezi came on a study visit to the UK. They and Masimba Muzinga from Zimbabwe (sponsored by the UK Health Libraries Group, International Libraries and information Group and Phi) were all to have attended the Health Libraries Group Conference in Glasgow. Unfortunately due to bereavement and illness neither of the Ugandan librarians were able to stay for the whole period, but Mr. Muzinga gave a well received presentation at the Conference.

2011 November:  Partnership visit to Uganda -  The Albert Cook Library at Makerere University is hosting a visit by Nasra Gathoni (President of the Association for Health Information and Libraries) Mr. Nick Naftalin OBE, FRCOG, (Chair of Phi) Shane Godbolt (Director of Phi) and Ania ⁱNogal  from the London Deanery. They will be facilitating training sessions on Building strong library associations and The Impact of the internet on delivery of healthcare information

2011 July: University Librarian from Makerere University visits UK - Dr Maria Musoke had an action packed visit to the UK from 6th - 16th July. She visited the Open University where discussions took place on the MSc Development Management, Scholarship Programme (in partnership with the Kulika Trust), and the Health Education And Training (HEAT) programme - a project to support the training of community health workers throughout Africa. Other highlights included: 

  • A visit to the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, in Oxford
  • A presentation with Shane Godbolt (Phi) and Gracian Chimwaza (ITOCA) at the CILIP Umbrella Conference 
  • A meeting in the achievements of the outreach project were described and ways forward discussed with the Uganda partners, Phi Officers, representatives from the Manchester/Gulu link and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and representatives from Elsevier, the funders of the project. Read more

The visit was only marred by the sad report of Sara Mbaga’s death, made all the more poignant since she was to have been with us. 


2011: Visit to Gulu’s Regional Hospital and University - Donna Schofield, the Library Services Manager for the University Hospital of South Manchester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, received support and contacts from Phi when she visited Gulu in northern Uganda, where the UK Hospital has a Global Health Link with the Regional Hospital and University in Gulu in northern Uganda.

One of the results of this visit was a decision by the Referral Hospital to create a library for nurses - previously they lacked information resources.

Through Phi, Donna had fruitful discussions with Alison Kinengyere (Serials librarian at Makerere University) and her colleagues Olive Kihika, Sylvia Matovie and Wilberforce Lubowa Musoke representing the Uganda Chapter of the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa and the partnership between the Sir Albert Cook Medical Library, Makerere University and the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Library and Information Service

For earlier activities see General information and partnerships - Uganda



Link: supported by THET, between the University of Zambia, Medical Faculty; University Hospital Nurse Training School and the Medical School Library for the Brighton and Sussex Medical and Nursing Schools.

2012 November -  Workshop on “Building strong resource managers”  A five day workshop took place in Lusaka with the main aim of strengthening resource management within the five Schools of Nursing involved in the Zambia UK Health Worforce Alliance / Tropical Health and Education Trust project for enhanced training for five Nurse Tutors. 

The themes for each day were: 

  • Scene setting: outcomes from the pre-course survey; barriers to improving service, gaps etc.; 
  • Collaborative working for service development: core resources (staffing, space), resource sharing; 
  • Skills development: skills needed, support needed from Nurse Tutors, budgets and business plans; 
  • Making development plans for each library represented; 
  • Sustainability and the role of professional associations. 

The pre-course survey was carried out by ITOCA and Phi in consultation with the Lead Nurse Tutor Charles Turner and the President of AHILA. The workshop facilitators were provided by the locally collaborating organizations: Blessing Chaitaira (ITOCA) and Charles Turner (Nurse Tutor from UK who had worked in one of the Nursing Schools) and supported by Nasra Gathoni (President of AHILA) and Celine Mwafulilwa and Francina Makondo from the University of Zambia. The workshop arrangements were coordinated by Katie Barrett (THET) and books and other resources were provided from a special fund by TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Cost) - a truly collaborative effort. The representative from the MOH who attended was very impressed.

Comment from Katherine Barrett (THET Programme Manager Zambia): “I’m ... grateful to see the hard work from you all and the unprecedented appreciative response from the participants and MOH alike. From all accounts, the week has been hugely successful and stirred new waves of interest and honing of skills in health information and resource management. I’m very optimistic about the continued thirst for more training such as this and the sustained support that the professional associations (with a revitalised AHILA chapter in Zambia) will provide to quench part of this.”

2012 - Library and information services have been represented on the committee to introduce a paediatric nursing course at the Lusaka School of Nursing. Originally Phi was represented by one of its executive officers, but since June 2012 this role has been taken on by Tom Roper, Primary Care Librarian at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.

For earlier activities see General Information and partnerships - Zambia

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