Selected Publications
PAHI Workshop in Mozambique
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Selected Publications

PHI reports and publications


These include a selection of articles in journals, reports and presentations at conferences.

  • 2011 July. Programme and reports of meetings during Dr. Musoke's visit to UK . Timeline history of partnership.
  • 2011 UK One World Linking Association/Diocese of Bath & Wells report of meeting on Zambia
  • 2011 Where HINARI took me and where I took HINARI. Summary of an article in the Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries. 2011 vol. 7: 37-38. Experiences of running a workshop in Ethiopia, by Tatjana Petrinic. Read more
  • 2010 Partnerships in Health Information. Power point presentation given to the Tropical Health and Education Trust. It illustrates the aims of Phi, its method of working and provides two case studies to illustrate the range of its activities with library partnerships between African countries and the UK: 
  • 2010 Health Information and poverty alleviation - a paper given at 12th Congress of AHILA
  • 2009 The Role of Library Partnerships in Capacity Building for better Health: the case for Kenya. Powerpoint presentation by Nancy Kamau and Shane Godbolt. Read more.
  • 2009 Shane Godbolt and Emma Stanley presented a joint paper at the IFLA Congress, Gothenburg, August 2010- Public Access to Health Information: how partnerships can strengthen the role of librarians in developing health information resources. Read more
  • 2008 Role of health librarians in developing countries. Read more.


Other reports and publications


Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

First agreed at the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000, the eight MDGs set worldwide objectives for reducing extreme poverty and hunger, improving health and education, empowering women and ensuring environmental sustainability by 2015.

The documents below report on progress to date:

  • Millennium Development Goals:  for progress towards the health related Millennium Development Goals, see the factsheet produced by WHO

Also see: Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

UK contribution to health in developing countries

  • In 2006 the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, invited Lord Nigel Crisp to carry out a review of how the UK’s experience and expertise in health could be used to best effect to support improvements in health for developing countries. See Lord Crisp's report - "Global health partnerships: the UK contribution to health in developing countries" and the Government's response.
  • The Framework for NHS Involvement in International Development has been developed to provide greater clarity on how NHS agencies and individuals can best maximise their potential to contribute in a sustainable and appropriate way to capacity building in developing countries.
  • 2009. "Digital resources for research: a review of access and use in African universities".  Review of the potential to contribute in a sustainable and appropriate way of capacity building in developing countries. 
  • 2010. "Turning the world upside down: the search for global health in the 21st century" by Nigel Crisp. London: Royal Society of Medicine. Contents: Health and poverty, Health and wealth, Unfair trade - exporting health workers, Unfair trade - importing ideas and ideology - Learning from low- and middle-income countries, practical knowledge for the 21st century - people and patients; Practical knowledge for the 21st century - science and systems, The Paradigm shift to global health, Action. Available through booksellers in UK and Amazon.


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