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Resources for partnerships and links


The first and major section on this page Guidance and manuals for creating and sustaining partnerships are relevant to both overseas and UK partners. Much of the other material is more relevant to UK partners. 

As you scroll down this page you will find information on: 

  • Guidance and manuals for creating and sustaining partnerships 
  • Coordinating Centre for International Health Links
  • Websites for information about African partner countries 
  • Air fares 
  • Security and insurance issues for partner visits
  • Donating books overseas.

Resources of general interest to partners and as back up for proposal writing may be found on the left hand side bar.:

Guidance and manuals for creating and sustaining library partnerships

The manuals listed below have been produced to assist health partnerships/links between the UK and developing countries. The first two, produced by Phi, are based on the International Health Links Manual (see below) and focus on health library and information partnerships.   

Other manuals

  • International Health Links Manual (2nd Edition) - This manual by the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) provides guidance, shares experiences and offers examples of good practice from those directly involved in health partnerships. Its aim is to help both UK and developing country link partners to think more strategically about their work.

Toolkit on Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Links – This is a guide by THET on monitoring and evaluation specifically for health partnerships between developing countries and the UK.

  • Good practice guidance - Another publication by THET covering:.Project planning: theory of change; UK visa application guidance; volunteer sending.
Building Understanding through International Links for Development (BUILD) has a toolkit for good practice, produced by the UK’s One World Linking Association (UKOWLA), offering guidance and resources for a broad range of links between the UK and developing countries, including schools, health workers and community groups.  
  • Tropical Health and Education Trust - includes a list of health links

 Websites for information about overseas partner countries

  • The WHO website and the Ministry of Health website in the appropriate country provide useful information - especially on health statistics.
  • Other useful information may be found on the websites of Collaborating Organizations (see sidebar), especially those of UKOWLA and INASP, AfriAfya, and AMREF.
  • SCECSAL for Eastern, Central and Southern African Library and Information Associations
  • Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance

Charity travel rates (air fares) available for Links

Diversity Travel are offering charity fares and services to Links registered with THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust). They have set up a THET Link Travellers Account for Links volunteers. 

Security and insurance

If you are planning an exchange visit or travel to your partner country you may find the following links and resources useful.

  • Visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for travel and information by country. It is encouraging all British nationals travelling abroad to register with them on LOCATE even for short trips. This will enable their embassy and crisis staff to give you better assistance in an emergency.
  • Comprehensive  medical and travel insurance is important. 

Donating books overseas

This can cost a considerable amount of money and ‘dumping’ of old texts has caused librarians difficulty in disposing of them. As an alternative partners and health links might consider purchasing up to date books from organizations such as Aids at Low Cost (TALC) or other organizations.

The following organizations might be interested in good quality books which they will send to libraries in developing countries. It is probably best to contact them first.

  • Book Aid International collects books in the UK and sends container loads for distribution to public and educational libraries.
  • Books for Sierra Leone and Sudan. If you would like to send books to Sudan or Sierra Leone, visit their webpage. This organisation is supported by students on a voluntary basis. It aims to support libraries and to encourage research and collaboration among UK, Sudan and Sierra Leone Universities. It collects new books for free from publishing houses, universities, research institutions, and private citizens. See: website.
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