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Call for Proposals: Public Access to Health Information

Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) in collaboration with the Association for Health Information & Libraries in Africa (AHILA) is pleased to announce two small grants to support health librarians/ health information professionals in carrying out a small project of their choosing.
The grants are aimed to build on the Public Access to Health Information (PAHI)  training workshops which have been held in several African countries (in English, French and Portuguese). The main aim of these PAHI workshops, (the most recent one having being held at AHILA 13 Congress, Cape Verde) has been to discuss what librarians can do, especially though partnership, to improve public access to health information.  For more information on PAHI please see these slides.
The challenge is to develop an idea which will promote public access to health information in your country or community. Phi and AHILA are looking for innovative proposals which may be a workshop, or working locally with e.g.  school/s; the public library service and /or with other health professionals. Preference will be given to proposals which involve team working with other professions; or bodies like government departments, or with other networks e.g. churches or non-profit organisations.
There are two awards each of USD1000 and these have been generously sponsored by International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP). The project proposals must be submitted by 8 April 2013.
All the details of the grants are available in in  English,  French  and  Portuguese.
Thanks and regards
Chipo Msengezi

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