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Selected Health Information Resources for Africa

These resources have been selected in consultation with health librarians in Africa and the UK. We believe that all of them are of importance for access to reliable information with an emphasis on relevance to Africa and developing countries in general. Many of them have been brought together on a front-end page which you can make available on your own computer using the free Netvibes software. This will allow you to see the major resources in the categories described in more detail below.

selected health information resources for Africa. 

Some resources are free or free of charge to developing countries. They are divided as follows:


It is worth bearing in mind that the most valuable resource when searching for health information is often a person, who may be a health care professional or a health information specialist/librarian.

Please note that some of the resources are free of charge to low-income countries only; others are free of charge to everyone; and for a few payment may be necessary by subscription or at the point of use unless your institution or consortium of libraries has obtained access rights.


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