Why is health information important?
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Why is health information important?

Information for health care and research can save lives and prevent suffering. Improving the distribution of timely, relevant and appropriate information in Africa is thus a necessary foundation for improving people's health. Ill health can lead to economic problems if the breadwinner cannot work; it is a contributor to poverty.

Local health information professionals are key to the creation of new and innovative ways of  making appropriate information available for: the initial training of doctors and nurses, their continuing education, improved patient care, and outreach initiatives to enable community members to make informed decisions about their health and the health of those they care for.

Given training on how to identify the relevant information this is what an Ethiopian physiotherapist was able to do:

  • Develop a therapeutic exercise programme for adults living with HIV and AIDS, which is now helping them to improve their quality of life
  • Build a research and teaching culture within the university's physiotherapy department founded on rigorous appraisal of up to date research with new guidelines for treatments that are making a real difference to their patients.


"Reliable health information is the foundation of good health, which is essential to reduce poverty."Jean Shaw, Phi



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