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Participants at 13th AHILA Congress 2012   

Participants at AHILA Congress 13th, Cape Verde, 2012

Phi in the UK:  Phi in Africa


Phi was founded in the UK in 1992.  It  promotes the availability of health information for professional education and practice and for the general public by supporting partnerships between African and UK libraries. We work closely with the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA) and its Chapters in individual African countries to achieve this end. Capacity building is our main objective through workshops, and training visits for individual librarians and information professionals to the UK. These activities have been in cooperation with our partner librarians and by networking with organizations with similar objectives in the UK and internationally.

Phi and the Information Training Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) have been working together since 2008. ITOCA runs training courses on different aspects of information management - online, offline and as workshops. Phi and ITOCA have now consolidated their relationship more formally through an MoU negotiated in 2011. The MoU provides for a Phi Coordinator (Africa Office) who will be based with ITOCA in South Africa. This is a two year agreement which began in January  2012  with a funded commitment to December  2013.  The same officer will also provide AHILA with a Secretariat and coordination under a separate MoU for a similar period. In the MoU it is explicit that ITOCA, AHILA and Phi are committed to sharing and collaborating to achieve shared aims and objectives.