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Payroll Giving

benefits you as well as Phi

Become a Friend of Phi through Payroll Giving

What is it?

It is an agreement by you with your employer (or pension scheme) to deduct your donation directly from your pay and send the money to a Payroll Giving agency, such as Give as you Earn . The agency will then pass on the money to the Charity you have nominated.

How do I benefit?

The benefit to you is that the gift is deducted before tax.. The majority of the administrative costs are borne by the Payroll Giving agency, which generally charge a small fee deducted from the donation before forwarding to the charity.

How do I go about arranging it?

  • You will need to check that your employer is registered with a Payroll Giving agency. Many hospitals, universities, and other employers are already registered. If not please contact us or the Charities Aid Foundation which runs the Give as you Earn programme.
  • You will need to fill in a form allowing your employer to deduct the sum from your pay. This form may be sufficient, but your employer or pension scheme may require you to fill in their own form.
  • Please let Phi know and give us your e-mail address, so that we can send you news of our activities.



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